Elevating the Holidays: Mastering Simple Elegance in Holiday Decorating Part 2

The holiday season is on the way.  Creating the Christmas magic is the dream of moms and dads everywhere.  Elevating your home with Christmas magic doesn’t have to take a lot of time, nor cost a lot of money.  You can see the guide to decorating your tree here.  Let’s put it all together with the simple elegance that we all desire.  

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Elevating Your Holiday Decorating

Step 1: Holiday Mantel

Not every home has a mantel.  If you have one they are a fun area to decorate for the holiday season.  If you don’t have a mantel think about a piano or entry way table.  

The key to a simple elegant mantel is good quality garland.  The options are endless and now is the time to get your beautiful garland.  It is an investment but can be used year after year.  King of Christmas has beautiful garlands, in a variety of looks.  They have fir, blue spruce, fraser, flocked and so many more.  

Shop Kind of Christmas      King of Christmas

If you are wanting to keep it simple and elegant let the garland speak for itself.  You can add fairy lights for some extra sparkle but a beautiful garland looks amazing without lights.  

Our mantel was kept very simple with garland, large bells and flameless candlesticks.  You can find the rustic elegant cow bells here, iron candlestick here and flameless wax candles here.  Because out TV is above the mantel having flickering lights on the garland can be distracting so I choose to not have it lit.  

Did you know you can get seasonal screen savers on youtube?  No more trying to take pictures with the ugly black screen.  I’ve even used Spiderman for a birthday party, there is a screen saver for every theme and need.  

    holiday decorating   christmas mantel

 Step 2: Tying it Together

The key to elegant decorating is tying your Christmas tree and mantel together.  There are a few ways to make that happen.  The key is picking your theme and / or color then carrying that through the house.  There are so many fun themes.  If you choose Winter Wonderland, or Silver Bells you would find colors and decorating that incorporate that theme and carry it through from your tree to your mantel or entry table.  

Guests may not be able to articulate your theme but they can see that it all works together.  I was able to tie my Christmas tree with the mantel with the cow bells.  The cow bells on my mantel tie in with the cow bell ornaments I have on my Christmas tree.  You could also use ribbon on your tree and on your garland to help it flow together.  

Using the same color and theme from the Christmas tree to other decorated spaces creates the simple elegant magic you want to achieve.  Check out part 1 of the Elevate the Holidays Christmas decorating here.  

Step 3: Island Tray for the Kiddos

I love simple elegance but I also love to incorporate some fun for the kids.  It’s not fun if everything is decorated and they aren’t allowed to touch anything.  One of the ways to create the Christmas magic is helping it come alive with some fun interactive decor. 

To make it appealing and fun I use things the kids love and look forward to.  In the 1970’s my grandma painted Santa ceramic hot cocoa mugs and pitcher.  They are an important part of our holiday decorating.  Creating a visually appealing and magical tray with the Santa mugs, pine boughs, ornaments, cow bells anything you use on your tree that will tie it all together.  

    Christmas Tray decorating    island tray decor

As our family grows with daughter in laws and grand babies we’ve had to purchase a few Santa mugs.  It is one of our favorite traditions, hot cocoa out of the Santa mugs, cookies and ginger bread house building.  

It isn’t hard to create the magic of Christmas.  Holiday traditions, lights and time with family.  Add in some yummy treats and you’ve creating magic for your family. 

Tying the Christmas tree and tiered tray together is done by incorporating decor that matches your tree and mantel.  This snowball theme was easy to carry to the tiered tray by adding white balls with the Santa mugs.  

Step 4: Charcuterie Board for a Fun Night

There is nothing more fun than creating a magical night for your kiddos or grandbabies.  There are so many options at the stores that help you create a yummy and visually exciting charcuterie board.  

charcuterie board

Using hot chocolate, peppermint theme and the Santa mugs created a yummy and fun night for everyone.  At the store I was able to find chocolate and peppermint spoons, marshmallow and peppermint stars to float on the top of your hot chocolate.  Peppermint poles that melt in your hot chocolate, plus pretzels with white chocolate and peppermint.  Add some sugar cookies to decorate and you’ll have a fun magical night for your kids. 

Let’s be honest, a fun charcuterie board is magical for me as well as for my grandbabies.  Don’t forget to add your favorite Christmas movie or music to the fun night.  

Holiday Decorating Conclusion

Creating the holiday magic doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming.  Decorating a few key areas in yours home with a theme and simple elegance creates the magic you are after.  

Making memories for your littles and friends.  The holidays are more than decorations, lights and Christmas trees.  It is time with loved ones, remembering what is important making memories that will last a lifetime.  

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