Elevating the Holidays: Mastering Simple Elegance in Christmas Decor Part 1

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The holidays! The season of warmth, joy, and endless festivities is just around the corner. Amidst the hustle and bustle, there’s one art we often overlook – the magic of transforming our homes into wonderlands of festive cheer. While we’re all after that magical Christmas feeling, sometimes it’s the simple elegance that truly sets the holiday spirit aglow. Let’s embark on a journey to discover how to effortlessly elevate our holiday decor, sprinkling some Christmas magic along the way.

Let’s create an inviting magical home with simple elegance.

Elevating Your Holiday Decorating 

Step 1: Focus on the Christmas Tree

Picture this: twinkling lights adorning every nook and cranny of your home, making the spirits dance with joy! Christmas trees come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.  Picking the perfect Christmas tree is step one as you prepare to decorate your home.  

Picking the tree that fits your space is the first step.  If you have high ceilings your are going to need a tall tree.  When space is limited look for a slim tree.  There are some gorgeous options from the King of Christmas. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and designs.  

Christmas trees

Finding the right size tree is step one.  Then you need to decide on the style, full, open even flocked.  Each of the tree styles are beautiful options.  Noble fir trees have a vintage feel.  If you want a classic look it would be a great choice.  Flocked trees are a beautiful option.  They look amazing before you start decorating.  A Fraser or Aspen Fir are full and a beautiful start to your holiday decorating.  The style of tree also dictates the way you’ll decorate the tree. Tying you style, size and decoration theme will get the ball rolling for your holiday decorating.  

Step 2: Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Don’t underestimate the magic of Christmas lights.  Before I start decorating my tree I always leave it undecorated for a few days so I can enjoy the magic of the lights.  

       Christmas tree decorating    Christmas tree decorating

After a few blissful days of enjoying the magic of the Christmas tree lights I’m ready to start decorating.  Several weeks or months in advance I choose a theme for my holiday decorating.  This could be a vague as winter wonderland or as particular as snowballs.  Your theme could be a color.  In the past I’ve done apple green, classic red, winter white and copper.  

When I’m ready to start decorating I bring out everything I’ve got for the tree.  Grouping it on the floor.  The garlands, ribbons and ornaments together so I can see how much I have.  It also helps with the decorating.  

Step 3: Decorating the Christmas Tree

I always work my way from the top of the tree to the bottom.  Beginning with the garland, working my way from the top to the bottom, making sure to keep the spacing even between the wrapping.  You can layer your garland with different styles.  Just stick with your theme and color.

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Then I add my ribbons.  You and twist, wrap or tie your ribbon.  Depending on the theme of your tree.  If you’re going classic, adorable bows handing from the branches or winter wonderland.  Cut your ribbon in two foot strips and tuck it into the tree.  This gives you different but beautiful looks to your decorated tree.  

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Step 4: Choosing Elegant Decor

Your garland is on and your ribbon is flowing its time to add the finishing pieces.  Elegant decor that matches your theme and color.  The shape and style of your tree dictates the ornaments you are going to use.  If you’re decorating a noble fir tree you’ll want elegant ornaments that hang beautifully.  For fuller trees like the fraser or aspen trees you’ll want ornaments in a variety of sizes.  Large balls for the bottom of the tree, some hanging on the edges and a variety stuffed inside.  Adding depth and texture to your decorating. 

Christmas tree decorating   Christmas Tree Decorating

The options are endless when it comes to choosing ornaments for your elegant Christmas tree.  Combining new with vintage creates a beautiful look to your tree.  I don’t purchase all new ornaments every year.  Each year I get a few new pieces and add them to pieces I already own.  Some I’ve owned for a few years and others for many many many years.  It’s always nice to incorporate vintage pieces or family heirlooms. 

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Click the images to be directed to the beautiful ornaments on Amazon.  The options are endless.  It is also fun to shop the big box and small business stores, looking for unique pieces that speak to you and match the look and feel of your home decorating. 

Step 5: Tree Skirts or Collars

Now that the tree is decorating lets add a beautiful Christmas tree skirt or collar.  There are so many fun options that can create a special look to your holiday decorating.  They are readily available or you can build your own beautiful box like we did here.

Decorate for Christmas

Christmas tree skirts and collars come in a plethora of colors and style.  They are easily accessible and finish off your Christmas tree beautifully.  They are an exciting way to finish the base of your Christmas tree.  Creating a unique and fun look to your holiday decorating. 

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Step 6: Stars and More

The final step to your Christmas tree is the tree topper.  The options are endless, stars, angels and a creation with picks and greenery.  Take the time to find something that fits the colors and theme of your Christmas tree.  It can be elegant or more fun.  Something that finishes your tree off beautifully.  

christmas tree topper

Finding an elegant and beautiful topper finalizes your theme for a beautiful holiday season. 

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The holidays are here and decorating your Christmas tree is the start to creating the magic of the holidays in your home.  

The fun of holiday decorating is creating something you love that reflects your personality.  Taking the time to create a unique and special holiday home is.  

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