Do you love unique and pretty lighting?


Do you love unique and pretty lighting? Lighting is one of my favorite ways to change up a space. I will admit that I’ve made a few not so great choices over the years. When we built our first house in 1993 I installed a ceiling fan and light over our kitchen table. I have no clue why I thought that was a good idea other then that was what you did in the early 90’s.

Because we live in Arizona fans are also necessary, it is hot in the summer. Ceiling fans are not always the prettiest so it can take a little time to find something that looks great and serves a purpose.

We have air conditioning but it’s nice to a fan to help circulate the air. Especially if you get cold and your spouse is always hot. I’ll admit I’m the one who is usually cold. The reason a fan is so nice is it does really help circulate the air and takes the need for continual running air conditioner down a little.

Love hate relationship with A/C

I have a love hate relationship with our air conditioning. It is vital here in the summer but I really hate cold air blowing directly on me. Thankfully in our master room the a/c vent is closer to my husband then myself. It is important to have air conditioning to cool the room I just hate having cold air blowing on me.

In our office we had a fan with a light that I purchased soon after we moved in. It was pretty enough but lacked in function. The light it created was not quite enough and it created a weird prism around the room. In hind site I should of taken it down and returned it but I decided it wasn’t terrible and I could live with it.

Why the new light

I was wanting to change out the light but I hate being wasteful. Now that I think about it the light wasn’t providing enough light so I shouldn’t have felt guilt for changing it. What we had was “functioning” and I wasn’t sure what I would replace it with. One day there was a weird humming from the light. When Monte went to investigate he found the motor was really hot so he turned the light off. After that the light would no longer work so lucky for me we were now able to get rid of a fan and light I wasn’t loving anyway.

I wanted to replace it with something nice but of course didn’t want to spend a ton of money. Quality and budget are always a balancing act. Plus wanting something pretty makes it even trickier. One day I hope to figure out how to not worry so much about the budget. I’ll keep you posted if I get that figured out.

Have you seen the fandeliers?

unique fan and light


After some research and looking I thought I’d give a fandelier a try. They are called fandeliers because they are more of a chandelier with a fan incorporated into their design. There are a lot of options in various price points. I did a lot of online looking on Home depot, Lowe’s, Overstock and Wayfair.

I finally found one on Overstock I really liked and hoped would look great in our office.

We were left in the dark for awhile as we waited for the backordered fandelier to be delivered. While we sat in the dark for a few weeks I was really hoping it would look great and function in the space.

Do you love a unique light?

When it finally arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find it mostly assembled it just needed installed. I was also thrilled by the way it looked and knew it would be a beautiful addition in the space.

Even though the light was unique and pretty I wasn’t sure yet if it would function well. Would the lights be bright enough and would the small fan be enough to move some air for those few hot months of the year. It’s unfortunate that you can’t see how well it will work without going through the pains of installing the light.

Installing the unique and pretty light

It went up fairly quick and I really like the look of it. Because it was mostly assembled it didn’t take much time getting it up and in place. If you don’t have any electrical training it would be best to hire an electrician. Monte has worked with electrical enough to know what he is doing so he can manage most finishing projects.

I was pleasantly surprised that the smaller fan worked as well as it did. I knew the fan was a lot smaller then the normal fan light combination. It ended up being smaller then I imagined but it really moved a lot of air. We will use the just the light for 50% of the year and the other 50% we will use with the fan.

This unique and pretty light looks amazing and functions better then expected

I can’t believe how much brighter our office is. It is truly remarkable what proper lighting will do for a space. Not only does it function well it also looks amazing.

Changing out the look of the space
Loving the new fandelier
unique office light

More unique and pretty lights

When we purchased our semi custom home it didn’t come with any lighting. Other then the can lights and the cheapest vanity lights you can find. The bedrooms and living areas were all wired for lighting but they were not included in the base price.

Over the years we have changed out some of the can lights to something prettier. We’ve also replace the vanity lights and added ceiling fans with lights in the bedrooms. I like most of them. There are a few I’m hoping to replace because they just don’t look great. Check out this link to see some of the unique and pretty lights we have installed in our home.

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