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In the age of remote work, our homes have transformed into multifunctional spaces where productivity meets comfort. Whether you’re tackling projects or attending virtual meetings, having a modern home office can enhance your workflow and elevate your work-from-home experience. My husband started working from home long before it became the thing when you know what changed our world.

Let’s look at the ways you can create a beautiful office with DIY projects. Taking a works space from boring with no inspiration to a space that functions on a high level, looks amazing and motivates you to create in your ideal workspace.

Modern Board and Batten Accent Wall

One of the easiest ways to infuse modern sophistication into your home office is by adding a board and batten accent wall. This timeless design element not only adds visual interest but also provides a clean backdrop for your workspace.

Start by selecting a wall that you want to accentuate. Measure and mark where each batten will go, ensuring uniform spacing for a polished look. Next, install the horizontal and vertical battens using a level to maintain straight lines. Once installed, paint the entire wall in a crisp, contemporary hue that complements your existing decor.

The result? A striking focal point that adds architectural charm and sets the tone for your modern home office. We wanted to elevate the board and batten in the home office. It was easy to do, added a little cost but was worth the extra time and money. This was accomplished by adding narrow moulding to the edge of all the boards.

It adds time because there are a lot of boards to trim, plus caulking all the boards took extra time. Was it worth it in the end? For sure.

Update Furniture for Function and Style

Now that you have your accent wall in place, it’s time to update your furniture to match the sleek, modern aesthetic. Look for pieces that prioritize both function and style, ensuring that your workspace is both practical and visually appealing.

Invest in a minimalist desk with clean lines and ample storage to keep clutter at bay. Consider opting for a ergonomic chair that not only supports your posture but also adds a touch of sophistication to your space. Incorporate sleek shelving units or floating shelves to display decor and keep essentials within reach.

By selecting furniture pieces that marry form and function, you’ll create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere that encourages productivity and creativity. If shopping for furniture isn’t in your budget you can update pieces you have. We had good quality office furniture that had a lot of potential. You can check out how we updated it here.

It was a big job but the results were worth all the work. Saving me thousands of dollars with beautiful results. Plus getting something that I love and pride in what we accomplished.

Design a Space that Works for You

When designing your modern home office, it’s essential to prioritize functionality while infusing your personal style into the space. Consider your workflow and daily tasks as you plan the layout and organization of your workspace.

Integrate organizational solutions such as file cabinets, desktop organizers, and wire management systems to streamline your workflow and maintain a clutter-free environment. Incorporate task lighting to illuminate your workspace and reduce eye strain during long hours of work.

Don’t forget to add personal touches such as artwork, plants, and decorative accents to infuse warmth and personality into your modern home office. By creating a space that reflects your individual style and meets your practical needs will help you feel inspired.

Creating For You

Transforming your home office into a modern, stylish sanctuary doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. My husband and I shared an office for years. I worked outside of the home but eventually transitioned to working from home.

Sharing an office worked when I wasn’t technically working from home but wasn’t the best when I was in the office more often.  I didn’t wan’t to dedicated an entire room to another office so I built a desk and created a workspace in our primary bedroom.  The key to it working was finding storage solutions that filled the needs I.  Keeping the desk clean and organized makes the multi functional space work.  

Check out the workspace I created for my home office. 

Working in my primary bedroom hasn’t been an issue, I have a beautiful view and an easy to keep organized desk that fills my needs.  The office holds the papers we need keep in the file.  The primary room desk offers a space for me to create.  

Office Decor and Storage

You do not need all the things to have an organized office that functions well but assessing what you have and what you need to store will help you know what you need.  Before you buy organizational items be sure to edit.  Throw away all the broken and do not work pens, sort thru your papers.  Remember less is more, you do not need to keep everything.  

A clutter free work space leads to a clutter free mind.  Here are a few cute and functional organization pieces that will help your home office function well.  Click the picture for easy shopping. 

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