DIY Barn Doors You Will Love

DIY Barn Doors You Will Love

I’m excited to show you how we DIY barn doors you will love.  Barn Doors usually serve two purposes.  The first purpose is privacy and the second is design.  They are usually installed in a space that wouldn’t work for traditional doors.  Plus their uniqueness adds to the design of that space.

You can purchase pretty barn doors at the stores like Home Depot.  There are a lot of style options available.  I love this modern door or this contemporary one. There are so many styles and price points.  They can be reasonably priced or very expensive like this rustic beauty.  I love the variety of door options but they wouldn’t work for us.   

The problem we had was none of these doors would fit our opening.  It was too large and too high for the standard big box store door.

We needed a door for our office since we both work from home and is a space that is used a lot.  It is right off our front door and entry and close to the main living space. 

When we purchased our semi custom home I knew I wanted to add barn doors for privacy and design.  The privacy was necessary and the design factor was an added bonus.  

How to Build the Barn Doors

The opening to our office was larger then I expected.  We didn’t have them install the standard double door.  I foolishly assumed the opening would be the size of the double door.  It was a surprise to me when the opening was substantially larger.  Once I wrapped my head around it I was excited about the options this bigger opening would create.

We have 10 foot ceilings in our home which leaves a very high space.  I couldn’t envision the doors that tall so I got the idea to add a rustic beam to the opening to attach the barn door track too.  It was my best idea ever.

Beautiful Rustic Beam

I did a little shopping for a beautiful beam.  I finally found a place that had a collection of beams and barn wood.  We visited their shop a few times trying to find the perfect beam.

Once I found the beam we had to figure out how to secure it in place.  The last thing I wanted was a barn door and beam falling.  

I left the installation up to my husband to figure out.  He will take a little time to think and dream about it then make it happen.  It was a nightmare to install but once it was up and secured I was loving the look and excited to build some beautiful barn doors perfect for this space. 

It was only a nightmare because it was so heavy.  But with the help of a kind neighbor we were able to make it happen.

Here are the steps we took to install the beautiful beam.  

beautiful diy barn door

Hang a track

After the beam was in place it was now time to install the tack so we could build the doors.  I purchased the bypass track from Amazon.  You’ll just have to look for a design you’re after and the correct measurements.  They do have options at Home Depot but none that would work for us.  It took a little hunting and measuring to find the exact track we needed.

We wanted to hang the track before we started building the doors so we had exact measurements for the door.

diy barn door track

Design the DIY Barn Doors You Will Love

The barn door design I was after was rustic elegance.  More elegant then rustic but I wanted them to be a little worn looking.

We looked and looked at the wood options trying to decided what to used to create the look of the beautiful doors we dreamed about.

After a few trips to Home Depot we decided to use blue pine tongue and groove.

After we wrapped our head around the design and how to build them so they are solid and square they went together quicker then we expected.

Check out the steps to create beautiful barn doors Here.  

There are so many options.  You can be creative and build something unique and special for your space.  

diy barn door

More DIY Beautiful Barn Doors

After we built these beautiful doors we had friends and family express interest in building their own doors.

Our son and daughter in law were paid to build a few sets of doors for their family and friends.  They used these doors as a guide but each set we helped them build were made unique to their loved ones design choice.

We had several pieces of tongue and groove left from all these custom doors.  They also had an opening from their master bedroom to their bathroom that we decided to build yet another barn door using the scrap wood.

They did have to invest a little but we were able to build a gorgeous unique door that was perfect for their space.

custom diy barn door

It has been a great journey building beautiful custom diy barn doors.  You can see the steps we took to build their chevron barn door here.  

custom diy barn door

There wasn’t enough scrap wood to do the chevron pattern on both sides of their barn door so we got creative and made the back a little more plain.  You don’t see it unless your in their master so it was a perfect solution.

DIY Barn Doors You Will Love

We have made some beautiful barn doors that are all unique and custom.  They look perfect for each space.  They are a fun project and make a huge impact.

Barn doors serve such a great purpose.  You can’t always have a traditional door so being able to add a barn door is a great solution.  You can stain or paint your creation.  Knowing we wanted to stain or wax our doors I wanted to use a wood that would had some natural beauty.  A wood that would look beautiful stained.  

Decor to the Door

I want to remind you that there are beautiful decor available at Decor to the Door

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There are so many options you will love.  

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