Decorate for the Holidays

It is an amazing time of year filled with so many fun holidays.  The best holidays to decorate for.  It can be a lot and feel overwhelming but let me show you how to make decorating for the holidays fun.

The Arrival of Fall

Because I live in Arizona knowing cooler temperatures are on the way I love thinking about Fall decor.  I also love Fall colors, they are my favorite so it makes it more exciting for me.

You can go all out with Fall decorating or you can keep it simple.  It can change year after year.  Some years I’m all in for the big changes.  Other years I want to keep it simple.  

One of the easiest ways to decorate for fall is by adding fall foliage.  Changing out the greenery in your pots by adding fall foliage makes it a quick and easy way to update your home for fall.

I also love to do a fall tray for my island.  It is a great way to change things easily without redoing your entire home.  I have a couple key ceramic pots that are the perfect vessel for fall foliage.  It’s not too hard to change out the greenery into beautiful fall foliage.  You can keep it simple with just leaves or add something a little more full.  One of my vases has a narrow opening so it doesn’t require much.  The other one has a much wider opening so it required a few more stems.

You can find beautiful fall foliage at all your big box craft stores.  Here are some of my favorite from Amazon.(affiliate link) 

Halloween Decorating

I’m going to admit that when I lived in Southern Alberta I didn’t love Halloween.  Our decorating was carving pumpkins and having them lit on our porch or in the window if it was too cold outside.

Now that I live where we actually get fall I love to decorate for Halloween.  My little granddaughter loves Halloween.  Walking around the neighborhood is her favorite thing to do.  She loves looking at all the spooky cuteness.  

To bring in Halloween I change up my Fall tray to a spooky tray.  I then add a few pumpkins to my mantle candle holders and a couple more spooky things.

To decorate outside I have a courtyard I love to make spooky cute.  I have a beautiful old window frame that is the perfect anchor to the seasonal decorating.  

I also have a big lantern that I will fill up with white pumpkins that will work for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

One of our favorite Fall activities is walking around the neighborhood and look at all the Halloween decor.  I am not one to go all out for any holiday.  The storage and time to take it all up and down is not something I’m interested in doing but man we enjoy looking at all those who love to go all out.  It doesn’t matter the season.  

Adding spooky black fabric is a simple way to take a space from not decorated to Halloween ready.  You can pick it up at Amazon (affiliated link) 

Thanksgiving Decor

Decorating for Thanksgiving is a lot simpler because Christmas is so close.  I love making my table beautiful, filled with gratitude.  I have a long narrow wooden box that I fill with twigs, leaves and pumpkins.  Then a couple farmhouse signs expressing gratitude.


I also love to change out my island tray filled with gratitude and a Thanksgiving candle.  Something about a fall scented candle is the easiest way to change out the feel in your home. Because Christmas and Thanksgiving are so close together they meld into each other a little.  I always have my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving because I love enjoying the lights and sounds of the season.  

It’s Time for Christmas

I love Christmas so much.  The feeling and love leading up to Christmas is my favorite.  We’re not huge gift givers, there are plenty of gifts but it’s more about time with family and enjoying the spirit of the season’.

I start decorating earlier than others.  It overlaps with Thanksgiving at our house.  I don’t always have everything out before Thanksgiving but as soon as it is over I go all out.  Our yard isn’t huge.  I love to keep it classy and elegant so no blow ups at our house.  For me it is all about the lights inside and out.  I do enjoy creating a theme for our courtyard.  A theme I sometimes use more than once but other times I have new ideas and go for it.  

Enjoying the Holidays

If you are someone who loves to spend weeks and weeks decorating for each holiday go for it.  I will enjoy it and be grateful for your time and talents.  If you want to keep it more simple I’ve shared some easy and pretty ideas to change things ups for the holidays.

Here is a separate blog post with ideas for your fall decorating.

Decor to the Door

It is prime decor season at Decor to the Door.  My shop as got so many beautiful collections that will make all our holiday decorating so much easier.  If you are in need of a quick kitchen refresh, or something unique for your holiday tray check out what is available at Decor to the Door.  Come back often because things are always changing with new arrivals.  You will love all the options available.  


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