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In a fast-paced world where chaos often dictates our lives, creating tranquil spaces within our homes is like crafting a sanctuary for the soul. It’s a wonderful endeavor that not only enhances the aesthetics but also nurtures a sense of peace and calm in our lives. And the best part? You can achieve this through DIY projects, thoughtful design, and tasteful decor.

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Embracing Tranquility with Design

Tranquility isn’t just about minimalist interiors or muted colors; it’s about fostering an environment that speaks to your soul. What does tranquility means to you. Is it the gentle flow of nature or the cozy embrace of a warm blanket?  Creating calm, peacefulness, quiet and serenity.

creating home      cultivating home

Consider incorporating elements of nature – from houseplants to natural materials like wood and stone. These not only add a touch of serenity but also connect you to the calming rhythms of the natural world.  Ways I’ve created a tranquil home is being minimal in decor and furniture.  I definitely have more than enough but be selective about what you keep.  Having your style flow from room to room also creates tranquility.  Like the ship lap ceiling and walls in our entry and main living space.  Painted in a calming elegant color.  I believe in the power of paint.

Lighting helps create the tranquility you desire.  A beautiful wood orb light similar to this one and a gorgeous floor lamp like the one I have.

DIY projects for your Home

The best part about creating home is making it unique and personal.  Do it yourself projects is something we love to do.  Not only is it fun working with my husband but it makes our home unique that reflects our style and life. The best way to incorporate tranquility into your home.

home diy projects      home diy projects

Not all projects need to be big like tearing down walls.  It could be adding shiplap to your laundry room so you have a beautiful tranquil space when doing a mundane task.  Your laundry room doesn’t have to be something unique but it’s nice to do laundry in a tranquil pretty space.  Or a diy art project.  Creating something unique and pretty in your tranquil home.  A modern canvas wall art is not difficult to make, but it adds modern simple elegance to your home.  Get the step by step guide to do it yourself modern wall art project here.

One Space or Room at a Time

It is nice that we are unique.  For me I have way to many ideas which can feel overwhelming.  Working from overwhelm is exhausting and not productive.  When we slow it down and concentrate on one space or room at a time.  Is it a guest bedroom, the kitchen or primary bathroom.  Make a decision and focus on that space.  It might even be a closet or shelf that will help you function better in your space.

It could even be organization.  Creating a space that functions better and looks pretty.  Identifying pain points helps make informed decisions.  You can see how to identify pain points here, that will help you create a tranquil home.

One of my pain points was my spice cabinet.  It went from being a messy space that caused me frustration to a tranquil cabinet.  The jars aren’t necessary to create a tranquil cabinet but they are so pretty.  Organization goes a long way in creating tranquility.  The adorable jars I used are here and hereCheck out all the steps I took to create an organized spice cabinet.  If you think you need to do a whole home organizational overhaul you’ll be overwhelmed and discouraged.  But if you think in small steps you can manage to make a difference one step at a time.

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Decorating with Tranquility in Mind

I love to decorate my home.  Incorporating old vintage pieces with new.  The way I find tranquility in decor is remembering less is more.  Minimalism feels good to me.  We can become buried with our stuff.  Stuff we don’t need and sometimes don’t even love.  Taking it one room at a time will help with the overwhelm.  Edit and declutter, saving space for the pieces you love.

Keeping up with the trends doesn’t bring tranquility.  But if you love a trend and what to incorporate it into your home be onto your self.  Keep what you love, don’t be afraid of donating stuff and only bring new decor pieces into your home that speak to you.

home decor ideas       home decor ideas

Home decor doesn’t have to be excessive.  You do not need something on every wall, shelves don’t need to be filled with small knick knacks.  Bookcases don’t need to stuffed full.  Tranquility comes with keeping it simple.

Being a boy mom dictates my design style a little.  I want to create spaces they are comfortable in but I also find pretty.  They hyland bull statement art is perfect for a boys room. Simple and elegant. Here’s a gorgeous hyland bull art piece.   The wall art in our main bedroom is a vintage window frame that I found at an antique store, then an old picture frame and metal sphere with eucalyptus.  Simple, tranquil and relaxing.

Decorating your home is the way to breathe uniqueness into your home. I love to incorporate old pieces with new.  But keeping it simple and clean.  Siding with minimalism. 

Edit and Only Keep What you Love

Did you know you don’t have to keep everything we’ve received from loved ones.  You don’t need to keep every picture you child colors or draws or all the items passed down to you from loved ones.  Keeping things doesn’t show love to our loved ones.  I’m not saying we have throw out or donate everything.  A closet or garage stuffed with stuff that you never look at doesn’t show love.  My guess is it brings feelings of anxiousness or overwhelm.  I have a few boxes of things but passing down a doll that was given to me from my parents doesn’t help my children.  They may want a few things but boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff doesn’t help anyone.  Take some time an be selective about what you keep.

Maybe set a goal to go through one box a month, being honest with yourself.  Does this item fill my cup or does it weigh me down.  If you’re nervous about editing try throwing away or donating just one item and see how you feel.

Remember Less is Often Times More 

What kind of home do you dream about?  One filled with stuff and chaos or a tranquil home with minimalistic decor and design.

You can create what you dream, with a little time, patience and determination to make a change in your life and home.  Creating a tranquil home doesn’t happen over night but it is something you can accomplish.

The biggest suggestion would be to pick one space to work on.  It doesn’t have to be a whole room.  It could be a drawer, cupboard or closet.  You can do it.  Over time you will create the tranquil home you dream about.

Create more Calm and Peace

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