Create Something Unique with Modern Crown Moulding and Window Trim

Create Something Unique with Modern Crown Moulding and Window Trim

Here is how we created something unique with modern crown moulding and window trim.  We live in a beautiful open concept home that is perfect for our situation right now.  I love having a large space to gather so we can enjoy spending time together when my family comes to visit.

I wanted to update the space and make it a little more special.  The best way to do that was add trim around the two large windows and add modern crown moulding on the tray ceiling.

Update the Space

There are a lot of ways to update a space but I love adding texture with wood elements.  It is my favorite design choice.  Home Depot is one of my favorite places to shop.  I love the smell of wood and the endless options.  I sometimes wander around looking for inspiration when I can’t quite decide what to do.  

Because our baseboards are flat and wide I wanted to carry that look onto the window trim.  Trimming the windows is a quick, inexpensive way to update their look.  There are so many window trim options but I wanted to keep mine simple and modern.  I did a lot of looking and thinking about what I wanted before we got going.  I didn’t want anything ornate, I was going for a simple modern look with a small hint of farmhouse.   

Steps to Prepare to Trim The Windows

  • STEP ONE  Off to Home Depot to Purchase the necessary supplies

Shop Home Depot

    We did a lot of windows at once which required a lot of measuring and figuring.  I wanted to have the right amount of wood so we weren’t running back to the store or run short.  

    • STEP TWO Paint all the Trim

    Painting Station for Window Trim and Crown

      I like to paint the trim before we start installing.  I do this by setting up a painting station in the garage.  Making sure to get the edges really well so they don’t need to be painted once their installed. You will need to paint the face of the trim but you wont need to do the edges if you cover them good before instal.

      Steps to Install the Window Trim

      • STEP THREE Install the trim around the inside of the window.  Starting with the bottom

      We started with the bottom flat surface extending it past the the interior to add dimension.   

      Trim the Windows

      • STEP FOUR  Add the side pieces to the inside of the window. 

      We like to 45 the top corners that will meet up with the top piece

      • STEP FIVE  Add the top piece on the interior

      Forty five the edges again to meet with the sides for a beautiful finish.

      Steps to Finish the Window Trim

      Now that the interior is trimmed it’s time to add the pretty finish to the exterior of the window.  It’s not time to create the look that you envisioned.    

      • STEP SIX  Start with the top then bottom piece

      We wanted to extend our trim past the sides so we added the top then bottom first.  Monte created this handy tool to make installation super quick and easy.  He pops it on to get the reveal he’s after.  It saves having to measure each piece.  It was made out of scrap trim pieces but was a huge time saver with this project.  

      Tool Used to Add Trim

      Easy Way to Install Window Trim

      • STEP SEVEN  Add each side piece.

      We used straight cuts for a modern clean finish.  

      You can see another area in our home that has beautifully trimmed windows and crown molding here.   

      Install Modern Crown Moulding

      To finish off the update to this space we installed modern crown moulding to our tray ceilings.  Because we have the tray ceilings we have twice as much to install but the results are worth the double amount of work.


      Prepare for Installation 

      This modern crown moulding is easier to install then standard moulding and a lot less expensive.  You do have to make a few more trips around the room but  worth it in the end.  

      • STEP ONE  Pick up the necessary supplies at Home Depot

      We had measured and decided ahead of time the amount of trim we needed and how wide each piece needed to be.  Because of the tray we were doing the top portion a little narrower then the lower tray.  Our top tray was 2 1/2″ and 3 1/2″ trim.  The bottom tray we used 3 1/2″ and 5″ trim pieces. 

      • STEP TWO  Paint the purchased trim before installation

      I like to give the primed trim a coat of paint before installation.  You will be giving it a second coat after installation but if you do the edges well you won’t need to paint them again. I do this by setting up a painting station in our garage.  I use a small foam roller and roll the sides first then the top.  Super quick and easy.  Much easier then trying to paint the sides when its installed on the ceiling.

      Garage Painting Station

      Install the Crown Moulding

      • STEP THREE  Install the wall portion first.  

      The first step to the crown moulding is adding the wall crown trim.  There is no need to 45 the corners on the wall trim.  We just butt the edges together.  Because the wall trim is wider then the ceiling trim we do it first.  If we did the ceiling trim first and then add the wall trim it would make the ceiling trim look to narrow.  

      • STEP FOUR  Install the ceiling portion of the modern crown moulding

      We take the ceiling trim all the way around the room cutting the corners at 45 for the custom finish you’re after.  It give such a beautiful finish to have the ceiling corners cut to 45 and the wall butted together. 


      How to Get the Custom Look You’re After

      The final step to get the custom look you are after is caulking all the seams and nail holes on the crown and window trim

      • STEP ONE  Caulk all seams and wipe with a wet paper towel or your finger.
      • STEP TWO  A final coat of paint

      Caulking the Crown Moulding

        Paint the trim

        Giving all the installed trim a final coat of paint after the caulking is dry will give you an amazing finish.

        To see another area in our home where we added this beautiful crown molding check it out Here.  

        A Final Look

        Window trim and crown moulding

        I love adding wood elements in my home.  They add texture, uniqueness and warmth to a space.  Whether you are trimming your windows or adding crown molding to your ceiling these projects are quick, inexpensive and relatively easy.  You will love the new look of your space.

        It will take your home from average and everyday to custom and special.  

        modern crown moulding and window trim

        Unique Modern Crown Moulding and Window Trim

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