Board and Batten is Quick, Easy and Inexpensive

Board and Batten is Quick, Easy and Inexpensive

Did you know board and batten is quick, easy and inexpensive to install?  It is one of my favorite ways to add uniqueness and texture to a space.  Board and batten can be installed, caulked and painted in a single day.  If it’s a smaller space it could be done in an evening.  

I have done a variety of accent walls.  Board and batten is one of my favorite projects.  We have done a variety of board and batten in our home, check it out Here.  

What Do You Need to Install Board and Batten?

The reason that board and batten is quick, easy and inexpensive is because it doesn’t require a lot of product.  Depending on the size of the wall and how much space you are putting between the boards will dictate the amount of product needed.

For our dining space we were building the board and batten around a large window that was previously trimmed.  You can check out how we trimmed our windows Here.

Dining update

I wanted to take the board and batten to the same height as we’d installed shiplap in an adjoining room.  We measured the space and headed to Home Depot to purchase product. 

Dining Room

Here is a list of all the product we needed for this board and batten dining room accent wall


We were able to pick up all the supplies at Home Depot.

Shop Home Depot

How to Prepare To Install the Board and Batten

Because I was painting my wall the same color as the board and batten I was able to skip the painting before installation step.  The boards are primed and ready to go.

STEP 1:  The Key to installation is finding the studs in the walls.  Because we were installing trim vertically we wouldn’t run into studs to nail too.  The top pieces that were installed horizontally will connect with studs.   Meaning we’d have something secure to nail to on the horizontal piece but probably not on the vertical ones.  

We used liquid nails on all the pieces and nailed each piece on an angle so it was secured to the wall while the liquid nails set.  

A Little Math to Figure Out the Spacing

STEP 2:  It’s time to figure out the spacing for the board and batten.  To find the spacing for the board and batten you will need to do a little math.  It’s not too hard once you figure it out.  Here’s the simple directions to figure out the formula.

Total Length of Wall (minus) Total width of all boards installed.  (Divided) by how many spaces you will have in your wall.  =  The space between each board.

I like to put them on the wall just to make sure my math was correct.  After I confirm the spacing I get busy installing.

A SIDE NOTE:  We didn’t need to remove our baseboard.  The baseboard is wide and coordinates with the board and batten we’re installing.  

If your baseboard doesn’t work with the board and batten remove it and install a coordinating board.

Let’s Get Installing

STEP 3:  The first board we install is the horizontal pieces that are the top of the board and batten.  In this case it was about 2/3 of the way up the wall.  A height I wanted to match other accent walls done in our home.

Once we’ve decided on the height we cut the board to length, then nail it to the wall into the studs that we had previously located.

STEP 4:  The next pieces we installed were the two end pieces.  Cut to length added liquid nails, then nailed to the studs.  You should be able to hit studs on the end pieces

After the end pieces are installed it’s time to get the middle vertical pieces installed.  

Because they will be in the middle of the wall you might not hit a stud so be sure to used liquid nails.  You will still use the nail gun.  If you shoot the nails on an angle it will help hold it in place while the liquid nails adheres to the wall.  

Board and Batten Installation

How to Install the Vertical Boards

You’ve done the math and figured out the spacing for the boards.  I like to cut all my pieces to length and double check my measurements and math.  Sometimes I need to fudge thing a little just to make it work.  

STEP 5:  You probably wont hit a stud so use liquid nails and nail the board on the angle.  I start on one end and work my way to the other.  If you’re lucky and your house was framed square everything will go into place perfectly.

Board and Batten Installation

Not many homes are built square so you will need to measure each board before cutting.  It’s better to hang the horizontal board level then making sure it measures exact.  

Board and Batten is Quick, Easy and Inexpensive

Board and batten is one of the quickest, easy and inexpensive accent walls.  Not only does it look amazing it goes up so fast.  Which is my favorite type of project.  

After you have all the boards installed it’s now the super fun part.  Caulking and painting.

WARNING:  A few of the boards we purchased were deeper then normal so they didn’t line up exactly with our baseboard.  We’ve never had that happen before.  So we decided to sand them a little so it was flush with the baseboard.  An extra step but worth it.

Board and Batten Install

How to Caulk Your Board and Batten

 Caulking does take a little time but is worth the extra step.

STEP 6:  Caulk all the seams.  Where the the boards are meeting and also along the board and wall.  

We use these small tubes of caulk for small jobs that don’t have huge cracks.  If you have a bigger gaps we use these bigger tubes and this caulking gun.

We run the caulk along the edge then wipe it with your finger to create a smooth finish.  

AN AMAZING TRICK: Use a baby wipe instead of your finger to wipe the caulk.  It works amazing.

How to Caulk

Painting the Easy Board and Batten

Caulk dries really quick.  It only takes about 20 minutes before you can start painting.  Because I was painting the wall and board and batten the same color it is quick and easy to paint.  

Start with the brush painting the edges.  Then get going on the roller.  It usually takes a couple coats of paint.

A LITTLE SECRET:  I never wait for the two hours drying time.  As soon as the paint doesn’t feel sticky I get going on the second coat. 

Board and Batten Accent Wall

Final Thoughts on How Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Board and Batten is to Install 

Board and Batten Accent Wall

If you are new to DIY and want to try an accent wall board and batten is a great beginner project.

Not only is it quick, easy and inexpensive it looks amazing.  You will love the way it looks and the texture and dimension it adds to your home. 

It’s a subtle change but really makes your home look custom.  

Board and Batten

Board and Batten

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