Bedroom Wall Decor Above the Bed

I have been working on a guest bedroom update which included the bedroom wall decor above the bed.

The room has a few unique challenges.  What worked best for our current needs  was putting a double and single bedroom in the space.  There is a window in the room but unfortunately it isn’t centered which made things more challenging.

Looking at all the Possibilities

When I started designing this space I did a lot of looking and thinking about the possibilities.  

I originally wanted to put the beds on a different wall but realized that wouldn’t work because of a door to the jack and jill bathroom.  One of the beds would have stuck into the doorway so that wasn’t a good idea.  So the wall where we placed both beds was our only option.  This room has 3 doors on two walls making the wall with the entry and bathroom doors not possible.  

I have been in the guest bedroom hundreds of times and didn’t realize how off centered the window was until I was figuring out the single and double bed.  

We created beautiful platform beds using laminate flooring.  My original idea was to carry the laminate flooring up the wall to create a built in unit look.  But with the off centered window I sadly realized it wasn’t going to work.  So I settled for super cute platform beds and decided to create unique and beautiful decor.  Check out our DIY platform bed building process Here.  

Start with What You Have

I had a few things that I really loved but wanted to change it up a little.  We had a huge frame and print that I had used in the space before.  I love the frame but was over the print.  

It was a great size so I decided to take out the glass and print.  The color of the frame wasn’t great so I was excited to paint it.  Painting your frame is a great way to reuse what you’ve got and change the look.  

Whenever I’m wanting to update a space with decor I start by shopping my home and seeing what I can move or reuse.    

paint a frame

Here’s a mirror I updated with a little paint.  I did the same thing with the large frame.  The frame will serve as the anchor for the decor above the bed. 

My husband and I are the parents of four sons.  We now have daughter in-laws and grandbabies but because we only had sons my decor style is a little more rustic but elegant.  

My sons and husband have done some deer hunting so I had a few antlers that I wanted to use.  I think antlers are so beautiful and a nice addition to home decor.  

When I realized the window wasn’t going to work for my original plan I thought about mirroring the window above the double bed.  Since the window wasn’t centered over the single bed I realized that wasn’t going to work.  

So I decided creating a cute display to hang over the double bed would be the best option after I feel like I exhausted all the other options.  The way to make this work was making sure the size of the decor was approximately the same size as the window.  

Putting it all Together

After I painted the frame I was ready to start putting it all together.  We had mounted the antlers on some rustic wood that looked amazing and worked well with the wood frame.  Making it a beautiful way to display them.  

The easiest way for me to figure out a display like this one is laying it on the floor and moving things around.  I did have a third smaller set of antlers but realized after moving things around that it was too much.  So I decided on the large frame and two sets of antlers.  

bedroom decor

Finding a Key Piece to the Display

I was missing a key piece to the display.  How was I going to make this bedroom wall decor above the bed work?  A friend that I met on an flight from Nashville to Phoenix makes beautiful custom signs.  I was wanting to purchase a sign and realized this would be the perfect place.

Because everything in the bedroom wall decor was square or rectangle I decided to shake it up just a little and use a round wood sign.  I thought about a sign with a picture but found a saying from Erins Instagram that she created.  It was perfect for the space.    

custom sign

I absolutely love the sign my friend Erin created at blue 4 designs.  Check out her creations Here.  

Where and How to Hang the Sign

When I ordered the sign I had no intentions of fitting it inside of the large repurposed frame.  

By hanging it slightly outside of the frame you create more depth and uniqueness.  I am a huge fan of symmetry.  In fact I struggle a little with perfection, something I’m trying to get past.   It wasn’t going to be symmetrical but I did want the top words of the sign to be parallel with the top of the frame.

Erin put a hanger on the back of the sign so it was super easy to hang.  We put a nail in the wall just above the frame so it would be hidden.  Because it was going over the frame we did attach a piece of wire to the nail head and hook.  

bedroom decor

bedroom decor

Loving the Way it Turned Out

This room was a labor of love.  We built the platform bed frames, found perfect for the space bedding.  Thanks so much to Beddy’s.  Here’s a link to all the cool bedding available at Beddy’s

I have never used Beddy’s bedding but I wanted something that would keep the beautiful laminate platform bed frames visible.  They were the perfect solution.

With all these changes I have created a space that is perfect for guests and grandbabies.  

bedroom update

Decor to the Door

If shopping for unique and pretty decor isn’t your favorite thing but you like to add pretty pieces to your home.  Check out what’s available in my shop Decor to the Door

Quantities are limited so get yours before they’re gone.  

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