Beautiful and Unique Barn Door

We’re starting to be pretty proficiant at barn door building over here. Each one we’ve built is custom and comes with it’s own unique challenges.

The first barn doors we built were for our home. You can see the process and results here. There was a lot of flying by the seat of our pants on that one. Figuring it out as we went along.

For barn doors 2 and 3 we help our son build them for his relatives. They had seen my doors and were wanting something similar so he offered to make them.

Materials and Supplies

The best part of the door we made for them was the cost. After making the doors for family he was left with a lot of scrap material so they were able to make their door without buying a lot of new product.

Building a barn door

Monte and our son started with a piece of 1/2″ good sided plywood. This piece was used to build the door on. Their door wasn’t very wide and the pieces of blue spruce tongue and groove were shorter. My daughter in law wanted a chevron design on one side of the door. Because of the design they needed to use this piece of good sided plywood.

There wasn’t enough left over blue spruce tongue and groove wood to do the chevron design on both sides. We could have purchased more wood but it was the side of the door that wouldn’t be seen 90% of the time so they decided it wasn’t necessary.

The measuring and figuring can be a little tricky because there are a lot of variables. The width isn’t too tricky but making sure it hangs correctly on the track and barely hovers above the floor so it can roll properly takes some figuring.

Starting with a Frame

building a barn door
building a barn door

Monte and our son first framed the bedroom side of the door. They ran the vertical pieces the full length of each side then add the horizontal pieces on the top and bottom. Because their design choice was more rustic they didn’t 45 the corners.

building a barn door

After the exterior was framed they ran one more horizontal center piece. This piece served two purposes. The first was for additional support. It helped keep the door square and sturdy. The second purpose was for the chevron design.

The Chevron Design

chevron barn door

Part of the design is dictated by the size of the door. If you look at the picture you’ll notice a chalk line running up the middle of the door. This was important as they worked on the chevron pattern. The pattern size was created by starting in the corner and running the piece to the center. This gave the starting point.

This pattern was a little tricky. Probably not a project for beginners but it worked out great with all the shorter pieces they had.

chevron barn door

There was a little figuring and discussing before they got rocking and rolling. If you start correctly it makes the rest of the project move much smoother. They were wanting to make sure the angle was cut perfectly so it would all run correct.

chevron barn door

The product they were using to create the chevron was blue spruce tongue and groove pine. The tongue and groove made the installation a lot easier. It provides perfect spacing.

chevron barn door

After they figured out the angle and the length they really got going. Our son is really great at figuring the angles and length out. It is really rewarding to see him as an adult and being able to create and figure things out.

chevron barn door

After they finished the bottom half they got going on the top half. It is always easier to repeat a pattern. The top half went together a lot quicker then the bottom half.

Almost finished

chevron barn door

I love the way it is looking. The beautiful blue spruce pine looks so beautiful with all its knotty beauty. The pattern my daughter in law came up with is so pretty. It will look amazing in their bedroom.

The other side

Because they were using left over tongue in groove blue spruce pine there wasn’t enough to do the same design on both sides. The door was going to hang between their bedroom and bathroom. The door would be pushed opened most of the time. So the other side wouldn’t be seen very often. It was being built so when our son was getting ready in the morning he could close the door while his wife sleeps.

The dialog was either leaving it plain or adding a little bit of design. Because our daughter in law wanted to add a design it was going to create a little problem in the hanging. Since it was the same problem we had building our doors we knew how to manage it.

building a barn door

They framed the door like the other side then added a barn door design to finish it off.

build a barn door

This side went together super quick. They even had a little additional help from the sweetest little one ever.

build a barn door

They ended up with a beautiful custom door that will serve a great purpose.

The final touches

After they got the building complete I stepped in to add the final pretty touches.

annie sloan wax barn door

I love using this Jolie finishing wax in brown. It is amazing to work with and leaves your wood projects feeling and looking amazing. It is quick and easy to use. I have a stiff brush I use to brush it on, then use the blue shop towels to rub off the excess and smooth it out.

I was able to get it done in a short amount of time. After I got the one side done I had the men come out and flip the door after it had set for a short amount of time.

annie sloan dark wax and barn door

It makes the project look so elegant. The woods beauty comes out with the wood wax. I love the way it looks and feels.

Putting up the track

Our son purchased the track from Amazon. There are a lot of options and sizes available. You just need to find one that works with the opening. Their master bedroom was set up perfectly for this door. When it is open it will add so much beauty to a blank wall.

To hang the track the trickiest part is locating the studs. It is vital to secure the track into the studs. The door is very heavy so you need it secured.

One thing they’ve learned from hanging so many doors is not to worry so much about the holes that were predrilled in the track. If the holes don’t line up with the studs it’s just easier to drill new holes and use some of the plugs that come with the track to fill the non used holes.

Hanging the door

After the track was installed they need to add the hardware to the door so it could hang on the track.

barn door installation

Because they used design on two sides of the door it was too thick to hang on the track with the hardware on the outside of the door. We knew this would be a problem because it is one we faced with our own doors. Monte sawed the top of the door to slid the bracket in-between the door. Had they not added the frame and barn door design on the back of the door they could have attached the bracket to the exterior. Our daughter in law decided she wanted the design on the back of the door more then a bracket on the exterior.

To fix where they sawed out the opening for the bracket Monte glues in a piece of wood that I touch up with stain. You don’t see where it was cut out.

They then screwed through the door and lined up the holes to attach the door and bracket.

Finished Product

chevron barn door
chevron barn door

The door looks amazing in their bedroom. Not only does it serve a purpose to block out the light in the early mornings while our son gets ready for work but it also looks amazing. It adds so much to the design of their room

barn door

The door when closed in the bathroom looks so pretty too.

We love helping our kids when we get to make something so pretty is so fulfilling.

This project was fairly in expensive because they used a lot of scrap wood.

The track was under $150 and the wood for the door was under $100.

A beautiful project that serves a beautiful purpose.

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