Add Shiplap to Your Fireplace for a Unique Look

Add Shiplap to Your Fireplace for a Unique Look

Add Shiplap to your Fireplace for a Unique Look

I’m excited to show you how I added shiplap to our fireplace for a unique look.  Our semi custom home came with a gas fireplace.  We paid extra for it but didn’t know what we were getting until it was installed. Probably not the smartest move but we really wanted a gas fireplace so we were willing to take the risk.  

It ended up bigger then expected but had some potential.  We also paid extra to have rock added to the front.  What we paid for wasn’t what we thought we were getting.  In hindsight I wish we’d saved the money and just got the bare bones.

Fireplace with Rock

The Beginning 

We had a gas fireplace in our home on the ranch.  I really missed it when we purchased our first home here so I was excited to have one in this home. 

Gas Fireplace  

The only problem was they didn’t have a picture of what we’d be getting so I took a chance and got it anyway.

It was a big unit with all the electrical for TV and HDMI ports but it was just framed and drywalled.  Plus the rock I paid extra for.  They did add a couple shelves on either side of the fireplace that were included.

The mantel was a good size but once again just drywall.  

Gas Fireplace

What We Did First

The first thing we did was add manufactured barn wood behind the tv.  We then added crown moulding to the top of the fireplace and on the corners at on the top.  We went with a traditional crown unlike the modern crown we installed in the tray ceiling.  I was wanting something a little different to make it seem more intentional.

I also wanted to change the mantel.  If we were building from scratch I would have added a gorgeous beam.  So we had to work with what we got.  I decided to frame out what was there with some gorgeous wood we picked up at Home Depot.  We used beautiful 1 x 10 pine.  

That was a little tricky because the front is so long.  Trying to get it all square and looking good took some work but my talented husband figured it all out and made it happen.

To finish the wood I used the Annie Sloan Dark Wax.  I love the look of the wood when you use just the dark wax on it.  It also gives a beautiful finish that feels so soft.  

Gas Fireplace update

Beautiful Fireplace Mantel

Shiplap the Base

After it sat like that for awhile I was ready to add shiplap below the mantel.  I wanted to add some texture and dimension and figured black shiplap was the perfect piece.

We were to Home Depot to purchase their mdf shiplap.  It is a product I love and have used so many times.  You can see some other areas that we’ve added shiplap to our home Here and Here.  

I also wanted to take out the shelves to leave open spaces for large baskets that would be perfect for blankets and toys.

Fireplace opening

How Much Shiplap to Purchase

The mdf shiplap at Home Depot is so easy to cut and install.  The installation goes quick and the results are amazing.  I just measured the space and decided what length of pieces I would need.  Because this was a smaller project I didn’t need to purchase very much shiplap.  I had a few pieces left over from other projects so I was able to use them along the front where it only required super short pieces.

Paint Before Install

This was the first time I painted the shiplap black.  It isn’t necessary to paint it before install but It’s so much easier to get in the grooves before it’s put in place.  Because I was painting it black I needed to give it two coats before we started installing it.  

Paint the shiplap

It looked so bad after one coat of paint.  Thankfully the second coat of paint was a game changer.

Paint the shiplap

I also painted the baseboard that we were leaving in place because it is the exact width as the shiplap.

Shiplap Install

Sometimes these smaller projects take just as much time as the bigger ones.  You’d think they would go faster but they’re more fiddly so they take as much time as doing a big wall.

We needed to frame around the opening where the baskets are going so we didn’t have raw edges from the shiplap.  Not a huge space but an extra fiddly step.  It’s not hard it just takes extra time.  

We started at the bottom and worked our way to the top.  Creating something really unique and special.  I love the look of the newly installed shiplap.

Shiplap the fireplace

fireplace shiplap

Caulk and Paint

After the shiplap is installed its time to caulk then give everything a final coat of paint.  Caulking is key to making the project look it’s best.  It can seem time consuming but so worth the steps.  For this project it required caulking for the nail holes and along the wall, rock and mantel.  

Because I gave it two coats of paint before installation it only needed a final coat of paint after the caulking dried.  I also painted the cubbies black for a more uniformed classic look.

Painting the shiplap

Our fireplace now looks like a statement intentional piece of custom furniture in our home.  

Final Look

Updated Fireplace

I am so happy with the finished product.  Our fireplace looks like a beautiful statement piece in our home that is unique and pretty.  It’s been a journey to get to this stage, one that I’m glad we’ve taken because I’m so happy with the end result.

It is now one of my favorite pieces in our home. It has so many unique and pretty details.  I love the crown, the mantel and the shiplap.  I think it all looks amazing together.  

Fireplace update

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