A simple and quick accent wall that is pretty and unique.

I am excited to share a simple and quick accent wall that is pretty and unique. When we were shopping for our home 7 years ago I loved the lay out of the home we purchased.

We were new empty nesters but we weren’t quite ready to down size too much. Our youngest sons weren’t married and in college and working. They were in the stage where they move out but come back between semesters. I also wanted to have space for my parents or married kids when they visit. Space for them to stay awhile and be comfortable and not feel like we were being put out.

Our house has the main living area plus our master bedroom in one portion. Then three bedrooms and two full bathrooms in another area. A space we don’t use often but it’s nice to have.

When I was ready to update one of the bedrooms I wanted to add an accent wall and some pretty and unique decor but wasn’t sure what I wanted.

Deciding on an Accent Wall

Because we have four sons I wanted the guest bedroom to be a little rustic but also pretty. I didn’t want to go too crazy with western style but I wanted it to be something that was pretty and not super feminine.

I did some looking and found a great accent wall design that was not only simple and quick but also really pretty and unique.

Picking up Supplies

We made our way to Home Depot to see what wood options they had. I wanted to run wide strips of wood the full length of the wall with space in between.

I wanted the wood to be thin and pretty. Having it go the full length of the wall without seams was important. The guest bedroom isn’t too large so it wasn’t going to be a huge problem. We decided to use the 1 x 10 x 12 pine. It fit all the criteria that I had.

Finishing the Wood

After I found the pretty wood and got it home I knew exactly how to finish it. I used my favorite product. Annie Sloan Dark Wax. The dark wax gives the wood a beautiful finish and also feels so nice.

Annie Sloan dark soft wax and brush

I gave it a good sanding with my mouse sander that I absolutely love. It fits in my hand so nicely and does a beautiful job giving the wood a smooth finish.

After the wood is sanded the waxing is pretty simple. It does require a little effort but so worth the work.

I use a wax brush and rub it onto the wood going with the grain. I work in stages because you don’t want the wax to sit too long on the wood. After I’ve done about a 2′ length of space I use the Scott blue shop towels you can find at Home Depot to wipe off the wax. These towels work really well because they don’t leave lint on your project with is really important. You’ll be able to tell where to wipe for the perfect finish. I wipe it until it’s smooth then move onto the next section.

Preparing the Wall

I had previously painted the bedroom in a favorite Benjamin Moore color Bennington Gray.

Benjamin Moore Bennington Gray

We needed to decide the spacing for the wood and find the studs to nail too. Our ceilings are 10′ high so I visually decided where it would look the best to hang the boards. We also had an electrical outlet to work around. Because I didn’t want to cut the wood boards around the outlet we included it’s height in the spacing decisions.

Monte took some time to locate the studs so he had something to secure the boards too. They were going to be free floating so it was important for them to be secure.

Hanging the Boards

After the boards were waxed, the studs were located we were ready to go. Monte used his chop saw to cut the boards to length. We measured each board because our walls were a little wonky. They worked out to be almost the same length but not exactly. If we had cut them all the same we would have ended up with a couple boards that were too short.

The final step to making it look good is making sure they are hung straight. You would really notice if the boards were not hung straight in this project. Because the ceiling and floors can be out a little it looks better to make sure the boards are straight and not running with the wacky ceiling or floors. This isn’t too tricky just takes a little more time as you use a level before nailing it in place with an air nailer.

An quick accent wall that is pretty and unique

Love the Simple and Pretty Accent Wall

I am loving this simple and quick accent wall that is pretty and unique. The space looks amazing. Because it is a guest bedroom I am going to keep the decor and furniture simple and elegant.

Love the rustic theme in this space

Looks so pretty and unique with the fun decor

Accent Walls

I really like pretty and unique accent walls. You can check out a couple of other walls we’ve created in our home Here and Here. I am intentional with each accent wall I design. I think about the space and make and create the wall to fit the feel of the room.

This simple and quick accent wall that is pretty and unique was perfect for this space. I am so happy with the way it looks and the rustic feel the room has.

A simple and quick accent wall

Decor to the Door

Not only do I love creating beautiful unique spaces in my home I love home decor. Finding pretty and unique decor can be a challenge.

I have the answer for you. My home decor site has unique and pretty decor that I will ship right to your door. In minutes you will have your island, mantel or tiered tray decorated and ready to display. No need to run from store to store trying to find unique and pretty pieces that work beautifully together.

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