A Guest Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Here are the steps I took to create a beautiful guest bedroom.  These guest bedroom makeover ideas are unique and pretty and will deliver beautiful results.

This new space adds uniqueness for our guests and makes a space that is comfortable for them to visit.

Step One: Accent Wall Makeover

The bedroom had a faux barnwood wall that was in need of some updates.  I wanted to make it more modern and elegant for the space.  My goal was to have it be rustic but more elegant, light and bright.

I was inspired by a wall I saw at the Anthropology store.  It was still rustic but more bright and light.  It was an easy update.  I used mineral spirits to take off some of the existing wax.  Then sanded it a little and painted it with the same color paint as the doors and trim.

You can see all the steps I took to create the wood plank accent wall Here.

wood plank wall

Step Two: Paint the Room 

I was ready to paint over the dark color and create something lighter and brighter to match the newly updated wood plank wall.  

I may be a little crazy but I really like to paint walls.  It is such an easy way to change out the space without costing a lot and taking a lot of time.

paint the space

It was easy to create the monochromatic look I was after I painted the walls the same color as the doors and trim.  My plan was to add color and intrigue with decor and bedding.

I always buy my paint at Home Depot.  Behr is an amazing quality and a great price.  

Step Three: New Platform Beds

This bedroom had a single water bed that my son loves.  It is a bed that we’ve had for years and years.  I know that’s not surprising, what is surprising is the fact that I kept the bed for so many years.

Originally I thought I’d put in a queen size bed but decided a single and double bed would fit our needs better.  A couple can sleep on a double bed in a pinch but we need more usable space for our grand children.  This would give them separate beds to sleep in but also look really great in the room.

The best plan would have been two double beds but there just wasn’t enough space for it so a twin and double was the best solution.

You can check out the new platform beds we built Here.  They are so versatile and look so amazing.  I love the look of the updated space.

platform beds

Step Four: New Bedding for the Beds

I had a vision of what I wanted the room to look like.  I also knew how much I wanted to spend but doing two beds at once was a little more expensive then I expected.

Because the beds were going to be against the wall they wouldn’t be easy to make so I invested in Beddy’s bedding.  It was the best solution for the space.  I wanted something that would look timeless and work for girls and boys.  Nothing too flashy and trendy.  Check out the amazing options at Beddy’s.  

Step Five: Update the Dresser  

I wanted to update the dresser so fit the feel of the updated guest bedroom.  Furniture makeovers is one of my favorite things.  I wanted to take it from rustic to a little more elegant.  The wood plank wall is rustic but I wanted to add elegance in the space.  

dresser makeover

The dresser was a quick, easy and inexpensive project.  I was able to get the dark wax off, sand and repaint in no time.  The biggest expense was new hardware.  But the new hardware makes the biggest impact.  

To create the top I was after I needed to sand the top until all the paint and existing stain were gone.  Starting with a clean, product free surface is key to a great result.  

I did a three step process to stain the top.

  • add a conditioner
  • add a white wash stain
  • finish with the special walnut stain

dresser update

Step Six: Cute Decor

The final touches was to add some cute decor.  I wanted it to be rustic and elegant.  I had some gorgeous rustic window panes I wanted to include with the deer antlers.  

The wall with the off set window was a little tricky but I decided to paint an old large frame and use that to contain more antlers.  

cute decor

Final Guest Bedroom Makeover Ideas

This guest bedroom makeover idea was a labor of love.  It took a few steps and was a project that evolved.  When I made over the wood plank accent wall I didn’t know exactly what the beds were going to be like.  

Sometimes getting to the end result requires getting started so the ideas and inspiration can come.

I started by redoing the wood plank accent wall.  Taking it from barnwood rustic to light and bright elegance with a little rustic.

The next step was painting the room and redoing the dresser.  

The final piece was the new beds, bedding and decor.  All of these fun steps gave me the beautiful results I was after.

guest bedroom makeover ideas

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