A Beautiful Traditional Office with a Modern Flare

I am excited to show you our beautiful traditional office with a modern flare. Since we both work from home we spend a lot of time in this space that was looking a little drab and uninspiring. It desperately needed a little attention and love.

It wasn’t too hard to create this beautiful space but did require a few projects and a little DIY fun.

Barn Door and Reclaimed Wood Beam

The first thing we did for our office was build a barn door. This was our first time building a barn door but we learned a lot and have build several more for family and friends. You can check out our barn door building process here.

I love these barn doors and the uniqueness they add to the space. Not only do they make the office look amazing they are a statement piece for our entry. You can see it here.

I think my favorite piece is the beam we installed to hang our barn doors. It is so rustic and pretty. I don’t know it’s story but I love it so much. It was a challenge to get it installed but so worth it. You can read more about it here.

Beautiful door and reclaimed wood beam

A Modern Board and Batten Wall.

We next add a board and batten wall to the space. Our office is a large room so this wall was looking really large and boring. We’ve used board and batten through out our home and I love it so much. Check out of few of those spaces here and here.

Creating a gorgeous accent wall

We elevated this accent wall in our office by adding a trim on the inside. By adding this trim you will really up level your board and batten.

Adding some gorgeous trim to elevate it a little

It added a lot of charm to the basic board and batten. Here’s where you can see what we did.

A beautifully finished accent wall


A Beautiful and Modern Crown Moulding

I wanted to add crown moulding in the office similar to other areas in our home. It is inexpensive and easy to install. We did run into a unique DIY issue with the installation but I show you how we made it work here. This crown moulding looks amazing in every room we’ve installed it in. It is timeless and elegant but also modern and unique. You can check out the installation process here.

Beautiful Modern Crown Moulding

You can check also check out kitchen crown moulding installation here.

The Final Piece

The final step to creating a beautiful tradition office with a modern flare was taking out a built in shelving unit and updating the unique space.

This was the step I was the most excited about and the most anxious about. We have done board and batten and the crown moulding before so I knew exactly what to expect. Building a gorgeous bookcase that I pictured in my head was something else.

You can check out our book case building journey here and here. It was one of my favorite projects. This project took a little time mostly trying to find the time to work on it. The bookcase is prettier then I even imagined. It was exactly what I wanted for the space.

The gorgeous rustic and modern bookcase

Styling the Bookcase

I was so excited to style this gorgeous bookcase. Because it was replacing some wonky shelves. I had an idea of what I wanted to include and how I wanted it to look. Before we took out the shelves I had covered our books with butcher paper in hopes it would help me like the old shelves. I loved the books but I still didn’t love the shelves so I was ready to take them out and build something better.

I wanted the book case to have books, decor, greens and meaningful pictures. To create the look I wanted I gathered the books, photos and decor I was going to display then began placing the items to get the look I was after. I love the way it turned out. As I go shopping I always keep my eyes out for items that will make the space even better. But for now I love everything about this bookcase.

I love this beautiful bookcase so much

Beautiful Decor

The final piece to finishing this beautiful room is hanging pictures and figuring out decor. It took awhile to decided what I wanted. Because the walls are so big even if you hang a big picture it can look small in the space. I love what I came up with. I am in love with our beautiful traditional office with a modern flare.

Family is so important to me and I love seeing their beautiful faces. It wanted their pictures in this space.

I love having family pictures in this space.

Styling our Office Desk

We have a very large traditional desk in our office. It is the perfect size for the room and really works for us and our work from home lives. It was a bit of a catch all for pictures and stuff so I wanted to take the time and make it really pretty. Knowing it won’t look like this all the time but was nice to have a fresh start to the space.

The Reclaimed Wood Shelf

I tried a few things and changed my mind over and over. My sister was visiting so I got her opinion. I had this gorgeous piece of reclaimed wood that I found in a junk pile on my sons ranch. It was the perfect addition to this space and finished the room off perfectly. We used the same SteelTek piping products to hang the shelf we had used in the bookcase. We purchased 2 3/4″ x 6″ pipes, 2 end plugs and 2 floor flanges to create the brackets. It ties both pieces together beautifully. We were able to find a stud for hanging one bracket and used hollow wall fasteners for the other. Since the shelf was fairly heavy we wanted to make sure it was secure.

Finding the studs to hang the brackets

Secure and ready for the shelf

Ties in beautifully with the bookcase

Final View

The bookcase, shelf and barn doors really elevate this space

Now that we’ve given this space a make over it is one of my favorite rooms in the house. Before we started the journey of updating the space it was not a room I was very proud of. I’m so glad I took the time to figure it out and make and create something truly beautiful. This room went from being a little embarrassing to a beautiful traditional office with a modern flare. I’m so proud of this space and love it so much.

A beautiful traditional office with a modern flare

A gorgeous office

Seasonal Decor

If you’d like some help finding some beautiful and unique seasonal decor check our Decor to the Door. My seasonal decor is unique and a fun and easy way to add beautiful decor to your space. If you are busy and don’t want to take the time to track down unique decor that looks amazing together. It is the perfect answer for all those who are super busy.

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