A Beautiful Hallway with Shiplap and Pretty Decor

A beautiful hallway with shiplap and pretty decor. Hallways are tricky. They are not very big and usually awkward. They are often ignored but can take up a lot of space in your home. Because they are a little awkward they are not easy or always fun to figure out.

Our back hallway is not a place that is used often since our children have grown up and left home. We have a squarish space at the beginning of the hallway that I wanted to make and create something unique and pretty.

Our home is broken up in two sections. One section Monte and I spend the majority of our time. This includes our bedroom, kitchen, living space and office. The second section has the hallway to three bedrooms and two bathrooms. I love it but when no one is around I don’t go down there very often. The square section at the beginning of the hallway is just off the front entry. It can been seen from the office so I really wanted to make and create some charm and elevate the space.

Deciding What to Do

I am loving shiplap right now so we decided to shiplap the two walls that didn’t have entries. Shiplap is a quick and fun way to change the look of the space. It wasn’t terribly expensive because the space was small. There are some options out there that have faux shiplap.

I have seen them use a marker and draw black lines on white walls to create the shiplap look. I have also seen using regular boards and spacing them with a quarter or a paint stir stick. I’ve never tried these options. I knew I didn’t want to use the marker and the cost for shiplap and boards wasn’t much different so I decided I wanted to invest in the shiplap they sell at Home Depot. Its not the authentic shiplap that you find hidden in older homes but the effect is the same.

Hallway with beautiful shiplap

You can see how we installed shiplap in the back hallway HERE. This is the shiplap we picked up at Home Depot.

Adding More Beautiful Shiplap

I love the look of the space with the shiplap but I decided I wanted to make the ceiling match with the entry ceiling. Because I love shiplap I figured more would be more.

It was a quick Saturday project from start to finish. Well it did take a couple hours longer then I expected but you can check out the shiplap and crown moulding we added in the hallway HERE.

Shiplap ceiling with baseboard crown moulding

Adding shiplap and baseboard crown moulding is a beautiful way to elevate a space. It adds a lot of depth and character. I love how cozy this corner looks now.

Decor Decor Decor

Hallway decor is tricky to figure out. I had some pictures in the space but it really wasn’t working. They were too small for the size of the corner.

I looked and looked for something I would love for a price I could live with. It’s usually pretty easy to find something I love but finding something for the right price is a lot more difficult.

I searched so many sites looking for the exact wall decor pieces I wanted. The hard part is trying to find the right piece when you don’t know exactly what that piece is.

I finally decided I wanted to do a sign. Not one big sign but 3 signs that work together to make a beautiful statement.

This can get really expensive so I got looking on Etsy and was able to find the perfect sign. It was pretty and unique and fit our family perfectly.

The signs printed and framed

I was so excited when I was able to pay for the printable, upload it to Office Max and get it printed for a fraction of the cost. Monte then made me the frames and we put it all together. I’m not against spending a lot on something I know I’ll love forever. But I get bored of things quickly and am always wanting a change. I hate to do that when I have made a large investment in the piece.

So spending less works best for me.

You can see the adorable signs HERE.

Unique and Fun Furniture Pieces

To finish off the space I already had the pieces I wanted to use. An old vintage door that I antiqued and a vintage chair from the church my parents were married in.

The vintage door is a piece I’ve had for a few years and love. It is an easy way to add texture to a space or fill a corner that is awkward and bare. To add color to the space I have a pretty wreath that I hang on the door. Changing the wreath would be a simple way to change up the look of this corner.

I also wanted to include this old chair that was from the church where my parents were married. It is an absolute favorite of mine.

Cute vintage decor

I snagged it from my mom when I saw it sitting in her shed. When I asked about it she told me where it was from and to go ahead and take it. I didn’t have to think about that offer for a second. I was happy to load it up and bring it to my home. It has gorgeous detail on the back that I love.

Final Look

I am so much happier with this awkward hallway. The few features and decor pieces that we added really make a difference in the look and make it a much warmer and more welcoming space.

A cozy welcoming corner

Now a favorite space of mine

I love it so much. I will go stand in there and just admire the shiplap, crown and decor. It is no longer a boring unexciting space.

Decor to the Door

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